EGF Research Fellow Zuri Linetsky on China in Context

Why Taiwan matters to the United States

EGF research fellow Zuri Linetsky appeared on China in Context on December 13, 2022.

The U.S. Department of Defense maintains that China is using increasingly aggressive and bullying behaviour on the Taiwan Strait and is planning an invasion. Beijing dismisses this as an exaggeration and berates the US for stirring up anti-Chinese feelings on the island. Meanwhile, other countries in Asia warn of catastrophe in the event of a war. In this podcast, Dr. Zuri Linetzky of the Eurasia Group Foundation discusses Taiwan with host Duncan Bartlett.

Zuri Linetsky

Zuri is a research fellow at the Eurasia Group Foundation’s Independent America project.

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This post is part of Independent America, a research project led out by EGF senior fellow Mark Hannah, which seeks to explore how U.S. foreign policy could better be tailored to new global realities and to the preferences of American voters.