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Jessica Trisko Darden on Reframing Gender and Political Violence

War can shake up traditional gender dynamics, or it can reinforce the status quo. In times of conflict, gender can also be a potent source of propaganda. In this episode of On Target, host Zuri Linetsky is joined by Jessica Trisko Darden, an expert on the relationship between international development, gender, and political violence. Jessica helps us debunk and reconsider the many myths and stereotypes that influence how we think about women fighters in the ongoing war in Ukraine and other conflicts.

As global news headlines race from one story to the next, the line between fact and speculation is often blurred. At the same time, the dynamics driving international relations often get ignored. On Target unpacks the most pressing issues of the day, from nuclear weapons to US foreign aid. Zuri invites EGF’s nonresident fellows to break down their research and apply it to today’s most critical foreign policy debates.

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