Connecting you to the issues and events shaping our world. 

EGF strives to reach out to people, especially those who have been left out of the political discussions and decisions that impact their lives and livelihoods. We provide unbiased and accessible information, facts, and a context to understand complex political and economic issues to empower people to make informed decisions for a positive change and to get involved. 

Nurturing the next generation of leaders

EGF creates opportunities for disadvantaged youth to learn about globalization and foreign relation. Through accessible and engaging content, and at no charge, EGF empowers youth, particularly those in rural areas, to understand and manage the effects of these global forces on their futures, potentially for generations.

Informing foreign policy through research. 

EGF conducts its own rigorous and fiercely independent research to explore how US foreign policy could be better tailored to the preferences of American voters. EGF shares its findings to inform foreign policy with these pragmatic perspectives and different points of view. 

Our Vision:

EGF works to create a world where citizens understand the complexities of geopolitics that affect their daily lives. It enables them to engage in the issues that matter most. Our vision is a world in which economic security is achievable through informed, inspired and engaged stakeholders at all levels, with a particular focus on young people and disenfranchised communities.

Our Mission:

The Eurasia Group Foundation is committed to helping people make meaning out of the impact geopolitics has on their lives by empowering them to get involved in the issues that matter to them most. We inhabit an unusual space that includes the expertise of a think tank, the savvy understanding of social media, the relationships of a community educator and profound thought leader, and the inspiration of a civic activist.

The global economic and political landscapes are rapidly transforming, and it is critical for people to realize how decisions in Washington and foreign capitals will affect their lives. The Eurasia Group Foundation is dedicated to a pragmatic approach to solving the disconnect. EGF is committed to providing people straight forward facts and information to inspire people to affect change in local communities and on the world stage.

The global economic and political landscapes are rapidly transforming, and it is critical for people to realize how decisions in Washington and foreign capitals will affect their lives.

EGF takes complex issues and ensures they are accessible to everyone through traditional and nontraditional media, including events and meetings, papers and presentations, videos, infographics, podcasts, and the full array of social media channels.

We bring together diverse groups to discuss pressing international issues. We amplify and disseminate information to traditional and nontraditional audiences and involve them in conversations that impact their lives. Broadening the debate, encouraging and informing new thought leaders, and working to expand the perspective of those currently in power is the aim of our work.

Our Approach and Values

Energetically Nonpartisan & Independent

EGF is dedicated to a goal of informing and connecting, without favoring one political agenda over another.

Integrative & Multidisciplinary

We unite the thinking and approaches of academics, governmental officials, journalists and a variety of analysts to produce and disseminate timely, relatable information.


We avoid strictly philosophical debates and instead approach issues head on with real-world approaches.

Leading Edge 

In our thinking and in our materials, EGF aims to break traditional boundaries to engage a larger number of citizens from all backgrounds.

Flexible & Nimble

Our vision is large in scale, and many of our projects will stretch over multiple years. Nonetheless, we are dedicated to quick responses to issues affecting our stakeholders’ everyday lives.


EGF works in a spirit of true collaboration with our funders, partners, stakeholders, and all those interested in our vision and work.


We are committed to broadening the conversation about geopolitical issues to embrace voices and perspectives from all individuals, particularly marginalized groups.


EGF is devoted to creating space for respectful but vibrant disagreement, which we believe leads to the most meaningful and productive conversations and solutions.


Involving non-traditional voices demands we work resourcefully in our approach and in our materials.