EGF works to achieve our mission through a variety of customized strategies that engage and connect individuals around the world.

To achieve its goals, EGF:

Provides outreach and education

to individuals, through a variety of channels, so they have the facts and context to understand complex political and economic issues throughout the world in order to make informed decisions for positive change;

Facilitates, coordinates and amplifies

the expertise of a variety of partners and experts to ensure our stakeholders are informed regarding the geopolitical issues affecting them;

Develops materials using appropriate channels

to illustrate the foreign policy issues affecting our stakeholders, possible implications of decisions on local communities and the appropriate responses they can take. Materials include traditional position papers, presentations and opinions pieces, while also utilizing social media, videos and infographics to reach out to disenfranchised groups. EGF will partner with educational institutions to promote communities of practice and virtual learning;

Creates, organizes and sustains opportunities for disadvantaged youth

to learn about foreign relations and political science and to interact directly with existing policy makers and thought leaders; and

Convenes and hosts meetings and discussions

with thought leaders and experts to guide, inform and expand their agenda and to strengthen ours in ways that ensure we resonate the most within the groups we serve.