Aroop Mukharji

Non-Resident Fellow

Dr. Aroop Mukharji is an associate of the Applied History Project at the Harvard Kennedy School. Dr. Mukharji is the host of two podcasts and video series, “Snack Break” and “Office Hours,” where he discusses foreign policy with Harvard faculty, experts, and policymakers for a general audience. Dr. Mukharji’s research focuses on the foreign policy of the Theodore Roosevelt and William McKinley administrations to understand how the US became a great power at the turn of the twentieth century. Dr. Mukharji is working on projects, which explore how threat inflation spurred US involvement in Asia during the late 1800s and the influence of America’s frontier wars on military doctrine. Dr. Mukharji sees education as an underappreciated element in US grand strategy (a topic he explored in Diplomas and Diplomacy: The History of the Marshall Scholarship) and will also be working on a project focused on this.