EGF’s aim is to reach out to those individuals who have been left out of the political discussions and decisions that affect their everyday lives.

We value a non-partisan, pragmatic approach to outreach that will elevate people so their voices will be heard.

EGF is:

EGF is dedicated to a goal of informing and connecting, without favoring one political agenda over another.

We unite the thinking and approaches of academics, governmental officials, journalists and a variety of analysts to produce and disseminate timely, relatable information.

We avoid strictly philosophical debates and instead approach issues head on with real-world approaches.

In both our thinking and in the materials we produce, EGF aims to break traditional boundaries to engage a larger number of citizens from all backgrounds.

Our vision is large in scale, and many of our projects will stretch over multiple years. Nonetheless, we are dedicated to quick responses to issues affecting our stakeholders’ everyday lives.

EGF works in a spirit of true collaboration with our funders, partners, stakeholders and all those interested in our vision and work.

We are committed to broadening the conversation about geopolitical issues to embrace voices and perspectives from all individuals, particularly marginalized groups.

EGF is devoted to creating space for respectful but vibrant disagreement, which we believe leads to the most meaningful and productive conversations and solutions.

Involving non-traditional voices demands we work resourcefully in our approach and in our materials.