Foreign policy, geopolitics, and globalization are complex topics that can be difficult for many individuals to grasp, but these issues are affecting the decisions of leaders and policy-makers across the world. EGF strongly believes it is crucial and achievable for individuals to have a firm understanding of the ever-developing economic and political landscape across the world in order to make informed decisions that will help them and their communities engage on these issues and benefit from globalization.

We have a special interest in reaching out to:

  • Disenfranchised individuals and groups, particularly youth, who have increasingly felt left out of discussions surrounding foreign policy issues and the benefits of globalization;
  • Disadvantaged youth who have traditionally not had the opportunity to engage in the discourse around geopolitics as an important way of thinking or as a career path; and
  • Policy makers and thought leaders whose positions of influence require them to broaden their agenda and consider a wider array of concerns as they make policy decisions affecting us all.