None Of The Above

As the United States confronts an ever-changing set of international challenges, our foreign policy leaders continue to offer the same old answers. But what are the alternatives? In None Of The Above, EGF senior fellow, Mark Hannah, asks leading global thinkers for new answers and new ideas to guide an America increasingly adrift in the world.

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Lessons from Recife: Riordan Roett on America’s Intervention in Brazil

The Powell Paradox: Ravi Agrawal on How Colin Powell’s Mixed Legacy Lives on in the Biden Era

Insecure: Spencer Ackerman on How the War on Terror Destabilized America

Moscow Meddling: Terrell Jermaine Starr on Rightsizing the Russia Challenge

Unlikely Alliance: Ro Khanna and Peter Meijer on the Trans-Partisan Effort to End Endless War

Linked Destinies: Ryan Hass and Susan Thornton on the Dangers of Decoupling from China

In Spite of Hardliners: Barbara Slavin and John Glaser on Iran, the Bomb, and Prospects for a Deal

The World We’ve Made: Ben Rhodes on Hypocrisy, Hubris, and Humiliation

Empty Promises Francis Wade on the Limits of U.S. Democracy Promotion in Myanmar

Illiberal Allies: James Goldgeier and Elmira Bayrasli on the Challenge of a Democracy Summit

Proven Right: Barbara Lee and the Prophecy of Forever Wars

Beyond the Pacific: Ian Bremmer on China’s Influence in Europe

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EGF Launches Season 3 of None Of The Above

Foreign Minister Jorge Castaneda meeting with Colin Powell

Reflections From Mexico: Jorge Castañeda on America’s Neighborly Relations

A man with a bucket hat

Memories of Gitmo: Mohamedou Ould Slahi on His 14 Years at Guantanamo Bay Prison

Soldier aiming with rifle

Should We Stay Or Should We Go? Laurel Miller & Adam Weinstein on Biden’s Afghanistan Dilemma

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and President Joe Biden at a meeting

Can Europe Defend Itself?: Barry Posen on the Need for NATO

Joe Biden being sworn in as President of the United States

Biden’s Foreign Policy Team: Katrina vanden Heuvel on Personnel and Policy

Soldiers with guns training at target practice

War Power Politics: Heather Brandon Smith & Rita Siemion on the Rise and Stall of AUMFs

Insurrectionists mobbing

Countries in Glass Houses: Emma Ashford on Democracy Here and There

Two individuals standing with a US Flag and a flag of Israel

Foreign Affairs Update: Laicie Heeley & Ishaan Tharoor on the Middle East, China, and the Future of America’s Global Role

General Gustave F. Perna at a meeting

Militarizing Public Health? Eugene Gholz on National Security & the Coronavirus Vaccine

President Joe Biden standing with US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry

Regime Change: Vox’s Alex Ward on the Pivot from Trump to Biden

President Joe Biden meeting with US Army Officials

Will President Biden End The War? General Donald Bolduc & Ali Latifi on What’s Next for Afghanistan

US Capitol building on Inauguration Day

At the Cross-Roads (Again): David Eisenhower, Margaret Hoover, and U.S. Foreign Policy’s Future

American Supremacy: Stephen Wertheim on the Decision for Military Dominance

With the World Watching: Doug Wilson on the First Debate & Politics of National Security

Strange Bedfellows: Glenn Greenwald on How Bipartisanship Prolongs the Forever Wars

Reclaiming History: Bishop Garrison on Racism, Recruitment, and Representation in the Military

The Atomic Bomb’s First Victims: Beata Tsosie-Pena & Jay Coghlan on Downwinders

Endless War Comes Home: Hina Shamsi on the Militarization of Policing and Foreign Policy

Airstrikes in East Africa: Catherine Besteman and Amanda Sperber on U.S. Militarism in Somalia

On Peace (and Pandemic) in Afghanistan: Peter Bergen and Kiana Hayeri on America’s Longest War

The Trump Doctrine? Alex Ward on the Dualism of President Trump’s Foreign Policy Legacy

What Do Hongkongers Want? Wilfred Chan and Joshua Wong on the Fight For Democracy

The Washington Game: Kelley B. Vlahos on The Afghanistan Papers, The Blob, and Conservatism

The Burden of American Power: Peter Beinart on Hubris, Humility, and War

Namaste, Trump: Dhruva Jaishankar and Aparna Pande on US-India Military Ties

Primary Sources: How New Hampshire Voted on Foreign Policy

Changing The Status Quo: Kal Penn on the Power of Cultural Diplomacy

China Rising Part 2: Jacob Stokes and Ali Wyne on Whether America is Manufacturing an Enemy

Peace, The Norm. War, The Exception. Andrew Bacevich on Stopping the Search for Monsters to Destroy

How to End an Empire: Kate Kizer on a New Direction for Progressive Foreign Policy

Maximum Flexibility? Joe Cirincione on Nuclear Restraint

China Rising Part 1: Isaac Stone Fish & Stephen Orlins on How the U.S. Should Respond

Profiting From War: Bill Hartung on the U.S.-Saudi Corporate Connection

The Footprint of Industrialized War: Murtaza Hussain on How War Contributes to the Climate Crisis

Deploying Empathy: Michael Ventura & Justin Bokmeyer on Perspective-Taking in the Armed Forces

Totalized War: Rosa Brooks on Ambiguity In and Of Wartime

Foreign Policy Adrift: Brian Katulis on What Voters Want… and Aren’t Getting

Of Hell and Hegemony: Stephen Walt on the Follies of the Foreign Policy Elite

Power Passing: Kori Schake on the Stability of the International Order

A Fitter Force: Kayla Williams on Misconceptions of Military Service

The Art of the (Iran Nuclear) Deal: Trita Parsi on Tensions with Iran

Engaging the Enemy: Chris Kolenda on Negotiating with the Taliban

The Germany of Asia? Sue Mi Terry on Nuclear North Korea

The Problem of Our Power: Chris Preble on American Military Dominance